Picture of a sexy woman in black lingerie laying on a wooden floor. Hi I’m Jill.

I’m a business professional from Vancouver, Canada that has a dirty little secret.

In case you were wondering:

Nope, there is no Jack in the picture.

My blog is about things that aid me in my masturbation and sexual pleasure endeavors. I’m a big fan of sex and sex toys and I created this space to be able to share my experiences and knowledge about sex toys that are safe, fun and get the job done!

Most of my posts are about toys that I use alone. While I don’t currently have a long term partner, I do have occasional partners that like to experiment with toys with me. My posts are generally not about playing with others, however.

If there is a particular toy that you’re interested in hearing more about from me, don’t hesitate to send me an email and I can tell you what my thoughts are. I’m mostly interested in vibrators, dildos, clitoral stimulation toys, butt plugs, and different types of lubrication. I’m not particularly interested in most BDSM toys and play, so you probably won’t see much of that here.

Thanks for stopping by!