For me, a realistic dildo is the perfect thing if I don’t have a partner available.  Heck, sometimes if I DO have a partner available, I’ll still default to the realistic dildos and he or she can help me out there.

A good, life-like dildo can be hard to find, especially now that we are trying to stay away from non-silicone dildos like real skin, cyberskin, etc. I recently learned about sticking with silicone only when it comes to finding the best realistic dildo.

Fleshlight Fleshjack’s Boys Dildos

My jaw just about dropped when I first saw these dildos by our favorite male masturbation company. Fleshlight has a branch called Fleshjack and this arm of the company mainly caters to gay men. They offer more options for rear entry Fleshlights designed after popular gay porn stars. They also make dildos  and I’ll bet that they didn’t expect the women to go absolutely nuts over their realistic dildos.

Oh. My. Gooooossh.

They are some of the most sexy dildos I’ve ever seen. They are all molded from real pornstar men and I’ve gotta say… damn. Just look:

realistic dildos from fleshlight fleshjack
Kevin Warhol’s Realistic Dildo molded from his penis.
Realistic Dildos by Fleshlight - Boomer Banks
Boomer Banks’ Realistic Uncut Dildo
Real feel dildos. Brent Corrigan's dildo looks and feels real!
Brent Corrigan’s Dildo


Here’s the Skinny on these Not-so-skinny Real Dildos

I think Fleshlight has really outdone themselves when it comes to the realism of their dildos and they are poised to be at the top of the market for this kind of product. Gay men aren’t the only ones that want a dildo that looks like a real penis. Women (I’m one of them) go “nuts” over them too!

I’m even more impressed that Fleshlight went ahead and constructed their dildos from silicone. The majority of popular realistic dildos are made from a plastic blend that is often porous and can harbour bacteria and viruses. Thank goodness Fleshlight is hopping on the safe sex toys bandwagon by using silicone. These dildos can be completely sterilized by boiling and they do not need any sort of “renewing powder” to stay soft. Heads up, if you ever own a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into your body and it calls for using a renewing powder or cornstarch after washing, throw that toy in the garbage. After one use it will be a cesspit of gross microbes and will never ever get completely clean.

The attention to detail in these toys is wonderful. For example, Brent Corrigan, at the time of making the mold of his penis, had a small skin tag on the side of his penis. In the time following the creation of his own dildo, he has had that skin tag removed. It’s still on his Fleshjack Boys Dildo though. Immortalized in silicone!

Depending on the actor, you’ll see veins, pores, foreskins, detailed glans and frenulums. Expect to see basically anything that you would see on a real penis.

Fleshjack Boys Dildo Sizes

Realistic dildos - Liam Riley's Fleshjack dildo
Liam Riley’s realistic dildo looks as if it has been scaled down just a touch.

Just like with real penises, there are a wide variety of sizes in the Fleshjack dildos. This came as a bit of a surprise to me that every one wouldn’t automatically have a 8 inch penis but I have forgotten that we’re talking about a product designed for men. There are a few points to make about this:

1. Probably even more so than women, men don’t always want the biggest dildo in their butts. It was important for Fleshlight (Fleshjack) to cater to a wide variety of sizes for people to fuck themselves with. In fact, if all of their dildos were porn star large, many men would be intimidated and simply would buy something else.

2. Take Liam Riley’s penis for example. His erect penis is not huge at 6.5 inches long. Mind you, that’s not small either as the average penis size is somewhere around 5-5.5″ long. His Fleshjack dildo, however, has just 4 inches of insertable shaft. I’m sure that Fleshjack just scaled down some of the men’s penis sizes so that they would sell. Liam Riley is a bottom anyways. I don’t think he’s doing a lot of fucking other guys.

If you’re looking for a larger size, the Fleshjack Boy with the longest dildo is Boomer Banks (7.25″ of insertable shaft). Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, and a few others have 7″ long dildos as well. If it’s girth that you’re after, Boomer Banks also is the widest dildo at just over 2″ wide. Austin Wilde, Jake Orion, Trenton Ducati, and Mick Lovell all have dildos that are 1.9″ wide.

The Real Question – Do These Dildos Feel Real?

To be fair, I’m not 100% certain that my vagina is able to discriminate between a real penis and a realistic dildo. They certainly feel good. I was able to try out Kevin Warhol’s dildo. I chose this one because of it’s average size and slight curve for G-spot stimulation. It feels about as good as it looks. I mean, it feels about as good as a penis can, so pretty darned good. Obviously there are no vibrations, motors, bunny ears, or fancy buttons to talk about with this toy so I’m not sure what else to say. To my vagina, it feels like a penis.

Let me word this differently: it doesn’t feel obviously not like a penis. You know when you’ve got something in your vagina that isn’t a cock. It might be a glass dildo or an overly curved G-spot wand, but you KNOW. With the Fleshjack realistic dildos, you don’t know. If my partner wore this as a strap on, other than the fact that it can feel a little bit cold on entry, I wouldn’t know the difference between this and his own penis.

As for solo play, the balls make a great handle that doesn’t slip out of your hands even with a generous application of (water based!) lube. There is no suction cup on the base, so that would be one of the only downsides in my opinion.

Overall, I’m so very impressed with what Fleshlight has done here. I think I’ll definitely be back to try out a few other men… I mean dildos.

You can read online reviews, see pricing and get a Fleshjack Realistic Dildo straight from the Official Fleshlight/Fleshjack Website

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